Am I Or Not Bisexual questions

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    I am a female, and I dont know if I am bicurious bisexual or straight. I like guys and see no interest in girs I would never kiss a girl or want to or have sex with them NOTHING! but sometimes I catch myself staring at a girls ass/boobs and then quickly look away thinking WTF?!?!? So i finally did a test to see (didnt help) I looked at a picture of boobs and a picture of a dick, I looked at the boobs first and got wet. I waited like and hour and looked at the dick. I got wet too. So what am I? :( please help!? I dont wanna be bi anything just straight! Dx (even if I am bicurious or bisexual I will not accept it :l)
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    I want to be there the next time you get wet looking at tits and ass, and cocks. If you haven't ever had a woman and if you don't mind the observation, you seem darned near homophobic about ever engaging in such activities, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about labeling yourself. You are what you are and be happy with that.
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    tough, tag your it cant change it learn to love your self