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    Hey guys, I dont know what to make of all this. I cant explain it and I feel really ashamed, or like Im SUPOSSED to feel ashamed. I dont know, im just really confused about it all and kind of wish it would go away but deep down really want to explore it.

    I have had alot of very pleasing and extensive sexual experiences with women. Im 21 years old and caucasian, classic athletic looking kid from suburban america.

    I dated a girl who was very sexual englightening for 3 years and in the later part of our relationship I started to develop interests for Interracial pornography. And I encouraged her to get into it as well, I wanted her to want black guys and eventually we hooked it up where she would have sex with black men on camera and record it and I would watch it back home and we would fuck to it. Slowly but surely I began to have strong feelings about a black cock.

    I am in no way really interested at all in getting fucked, or fucking, or any part of a mans body but a cock, especially a black cock. And to be as honest as I had to be with myself, I fantasize about sucking a black cock all the time. I cant help it, it just turns me on to think about a really thick black dick in my mouth. Ugh,...i feel so bad just saying that. Anyone have any advice on how to handle this, or what you did in the beginning??? Im just confused. And its not like the thought of a white dick doesnt turn me on, just not as much as black.

    Its like only if the dick in question was enormous, no matter what color Id like to put it in my throat.

    There, I said it. Wow. that feels kind of good.
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    hey confused.. Stop beating yourself up.. ITS ok to want to be with another man once in awhile.. so just go and enjoy..
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    There is nothing wrong with being attracted to a male's body. You probably perfer black men, that is all...I would say to not beat yourself up for attractions that you have because attractions just happen. They are just there. I am a woman. I have known that I was bisexual since I was a little kid but I didn't fully embrace it until high school. Anyway, I would say to tell her (your woman) about your attraction to a guy...And that should strengthen yall's relationship and if she doesn't like it or doesn't accept it, then she can not accept you as a person and you should be with someone who will. But do what you want to do. I am not trying to push you into something you are uncomfortable with, but if you want a strong relationship with someone who will accept you exactly the way you are, then go ahead and let her know. I think it is perfectly natural to feel the way you feel and want to do what you want to do...Don't feel bad about it, because that is just the way you are and you are who you are for a reason. :) If you need to talk or whatever, then feel free to talk to me.

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    Don't be confused or ashamed. I too am attracted to men but only ORALLY. It's weird because that's the only activity I am interested in and have engaged with men...oral sex (giving). I was curious, got with a guy and loved it. All I can say is find a guy you can trust and go down on him. You'll like it very much. :)