New to this site, I want my first bi experience to happen. Bisexual troubles

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    So, I randomly discovered this and I'm kinda really curious. I always thought about doing stuff with another woman, but never did anything about it. And I want it to happen. I'm struggling!! 

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    hey yu seem to have the same problem as me and my bf we are both looking for a bi female but when we see a cute female walking by we dont have the courage to start a conversation with them. we also live in scotland fife. if you want to know more just message me and we could maybe get to know each other.

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    u can email me am a 1st timer been wanting to try it too and u cute
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    I'm kind of in the same position. :S  But in the UK, instead of the US.  


    I'm really terrible at talking to people that I don't know, which I would imagine probably makes it more of a struggle than it might otherwise be! Example: girl sat next to me on bus that seemed cute, I didn't say *anything*. I think I was a little stunned having not been in such a situation before. 


    Not that any of this helps you!  But maybe if some other people "second" the status, some nice member will comment that will give some pearl of wisdom that will be helpful.


    I considered joining the LGBT group here, but, even though they say its for people who are clueless as well as those who are identified, it is a little intimidating.  Especially since I'm not good at social gatherings with a lot of people I don't know.  Made more awkward because they generally involve alcohol and/or food and I'm vegan and don't drink! :S 


    Anyway... I wish you much luck, and many good (for one reason or another) experiences.

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    i can help  lol  

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    i can help  lol