Bi-Curious or not? Bisexual questions

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    Iv iv never done anything like this before and I'm hoping you guys can offer me help and advice! 


    Iv always been attracted to men. I love everything about them but from around 14/15 I noticed myself looking at girls. At first it was admiring and now I find myself watching lesbian porn. 

    I'm still very attracted to guys but I find myself asking the question what if? 

    I'm not sure if I like women or Im just admiring the female form. 

    I don't even see myself in a relationship with a women but I wouldn't necessarily say no to a sexual experience. 

    I say I'm not sure because Iv never been proposed or seeked for this. 



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    wow.... lol your experience sounds like mine.  I love men, but i love women's breast and want so badly to experience touching and squeezing and sucking them.  That turns me on so much.