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    I've been thinking for a while what my sexuality would be labeled as and I seem to hit a few confusing snags. Maybe someone could help me with this. Any help is grately appreciated. As of right now, I have a girlfriend. In the past I've had quite a few relationships with women. When it comes to dating and relationships, I only have an interest in women. But when it comes to the sexual side of things, I have an interest in both women AND men. I've had sex with 5 women and my interest in that will never die. I've had sex a total of 4 times with 2 guys and gave oral to 3 and I enjoyed it everytime, so I THINK I've experienced enough not to be called "curious". I have no interest in having a "boyfriend" and I don't really judge guys as far as looks, it's just sexual attraction. And if it even matters, when I had sex with the guys, I didn't care for being a "top" I prefer being a "bottom". Can anyone scramble the information up into a label? If more questions or details are needed, let me know. Thank you!
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    Sounds like you fit the bisexual 'label'.
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    Why do you need a label? Believe me there are lots of people who HAVE to label others so they fit them neatly into a catagory. Sometime ago I queried my oldest daughter on her sexuality because I had it on good authority she played for "both teams." She simply said, "I am what I am." So are you and so am I.