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    Ok I have to admit I got bored of winking and checking out profiles and I thpught I'd start a little game ..... so dont know if you did this in English class but I will start a story (well a fantasy) and if you want to play carry on the story!!! so here goes


    Oh my god i'm so nervous, my hands are sweating and my heart is beating so hard and fast it feels like I'm going to either faint or it just going to burst out of my chest. The bar we decided to meet at is a little busy but not completely crowded and I'm so glad we decided to meet up early on a saturday afternoon so the music isnt blaring yet so we can actually hear each other. I cant believe i'm doing this, I mean they were so gorgeous on their profile and I still cant believe they answered my email. I decided to wear my favourite 'first date outfit' - tight blue t-shirt dress with a long gold necklace that lies between my large breasts. I felt like I needed a confidence boost today so I decided to wear some sexy underneath ... lacy black lingerie with hold ups and black high heeled court shoes. I've been sat here for what feels like forever and I'm starting to panic that they're not coming, suddenly i see her! Shes even more cute in real life! damn! shes gone for a casual but cute look, tight skinny black jeans with a thin white t-shirt that does that hot thing of slouching off one shoulder to reveal a black bra strap. She smiles and waves at me and I cant help but start to feel excited and get a little wet especially when I remember all those fantasies I had of her while we'd been emailing .......


    Carry on the story in the comments ;)

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    Too baad such limited imagination. Great start

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    we order shots of tequila...slowly we shoot them back - a little drop lands on your lips - I lick my finger then run it across your lip to catch the want to grab my finger in your mouth and su*k a bit ...but i pull away ---so tease ...

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    i am new to the site would you like to continue the story?

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    I notice your pink g-string from below your skirt as you crossed your legs.  (I wonder if she can tell I am naked under my jeans).  My eyes keep going back to where they were.  I look her in the eye while speaking to her but I really want to touch her lips.  Kiss them.  Suck them a little bit.  I love her scent.  I can feel the wetness under my jeans.  My mind and my entire body is excited.  I'm drinking my glass of wine faster than usual.   I want to kiss her and lick her all over - and over again.  

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    My heart was beating fast the whole way to her apartment. As we entered her abode, I noticed that it was as casually stylish as was she. It was furnished the way I would have appointed my apartment. It was symbolic of the kind of feeling that I got from her - comfortably familiar and yet excitingly erotic. My mind was switching back and forth…would I explore the new world of female love or would I run out the door?


    We sat down together and looked longlngly at each other.

    "Remember the fantasies that we emailed back and forth to each other," she asked. Her eyes searched mine for some hint of the possibilities.


    Then she uttered one simple word, "Yes?"


    That one word question, so loving, so sensitive to my lust and my fears, broke down the walls of doubts about our encounter. She wanted me, and now it was my decision.


    I started to move forward and she followed, soft lips meeting soft lips.



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    She sits down across from you and says hello.  She seems very sweet and polite, so now you're a bit more relaxed.  You try to make small talk, but you can't help checking her out.  That bra strap is so distracting.  She reaches out and takes your hand, looks you in the eye and tells you how pretty you are.  She says she really doesn't want to hang out in a bar.  Would you like to go somewhere a little more private?

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    mmm the thought of your big breasts.......

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    Tut tut so disappointed no one wants to play ... should i finish this then?

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