Awesome couple looking for bi girlfriend in Seattle Bisexual troubles

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    As a women I can get laid eight days from Sunday by most guys and probably have 10-12 ducks waiting on the back burner. Why can't we find at least 1 girl to ? We have seriously been looking for almost a month. You can email 100 of these women and yet no response. What the ? How sexually frustrating!

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    Hi, HotHoney - No different in my world. I actually quit looking after nearly a year of searching. I am considering starting to look again, but am approaching it with different perspective. Best of luck to you! The women will come out of their shells eventually! ;-)


    - Shauna

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    You might not want to hear what I have to say about this (I'm the studious observer for unicorn?).... but in my opinion most couples will NOT get what they want and they eventually quit the online route (searching for this this mythical unicorn) or you will have incredible patience in waiting for HER. Sorry, but for me I'm in a open marriage (my choice when I came to accept that I'm bisexual and NOT bicurious) and my search is also more difficult than my husband's search since there are so many lonely women (since I only want a female who's bicurious, bisexual or lesbian I have my male sex craving fulfilled by my hubby). So keep in mind just as you said (you're a very attractive woman so you can get a guy anytime you want) it's very hard to find 1 girl(? arghh). In my opinion unicorns are not only rare but they also KNOW their value (to me for the most part this equates to a nightmare I'm not willing to deal with since I think most will try wield that 'power' again this is my perception). Maybe you get lucky and find that happy go lucky woman who only wants to fuck you both silly (lol a girl can dream can't she?)  Lucky for you that at least your husband/male partner is good looking since I'm sorry but many times the women are HOT and most of the men are sorry but physically attractive (my hubby is also attractive).  I personally skip over every profile that shows a couple ( another perspective is turn this around and put yourself out there as a bicurious/bisexual woman trying to just find a girl or woman to connect with but all you keep seeing are (couples or dick pics?).... not trying to burst your bubble but many times these wonderful threesome (are very hard to come by) & actually foursome (2 couples are easier) unless you are willing to take on a much younger woman (a unicorn and she again will know her worth... believe me). Most great threesome or foursome couplings that last for some time (not a one & done) end up happening "organically" after BOTH women have been intimate and click well together (BUT this requires a level of maturity, patience & security that very few men posess in my opinion) and then the woman is slowly introduced to the male partner (again she still may not wish to partner with your male partner). Just my two cents.... not everyone agrees but I have a great sexual relationship with my Man (I jokingly tell him I have a dick and I don't need another one unless it a girl with a strap on... ha!) and right now we play alone with others and my marriage is the best it has ever been (again my experience). We also wish to eventually have a threesome together and it almost happened with my girlfriend (but all in due time and no hurry) since he has a couple girls he plays with on occasion and I have my main chica (her man knows about us too). Also, we've been together over 27 yrs (15 married & 12 shacked up before kids) so we're both very secure in our relationship. Again, would you wish to be the 3rd in a threesome with a married/partner woman who you "click" with but (you have to take one for the team and sex HER husband(?) again the idea turns me off since I ADORE women and would sex them all day long but NOT their men so all the couple profiles I ignore them (especially the ones that say we want to spice things up??) and they are a slight turnoff for me. Instead advertise YOURSELF alone without him for now but put in the comments/desires that this special woman could also eventually help you fulfill a fantasy of having a threesome with your hubby (or tell her later is better).... or better yet if its just a bucket list/to do list thing (IGNORE everything I've said here since its a one and done?) you can always discreetly hire a professional escort (I guess? they get this request all the time.... rolling my eyes). I would love to hear constructive comments from others especially people who've successfully done this threesome (it's almost ALWAYS ALWAYS a girl unicorn LOL.... hmm? I never see this yearning search for a male unicorn) but again I've only been "open" for a year now and still we have never been closer as a couple. I do wish you luck in finding HER though and believe me I cheer you on (fist pump & you go girl for your perseverance) if and when you find HER.