Reasons why I'm single Bisexual troubles

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    I have been like this for years but due to the discreet nature of my sexuality I've always had issues. I'm not a proud type that confidently gallants her sexuality, I'm the type that my appearance may suggest it but you'd be too scared to ask. For years I was in an environment, filled with females and you would expect me to be elated and never lonely but sadly this was not the case. I did have a few flings, none that lasted and why? Ofcourse there's the fear of acceptance if I do come out! Ofcourse there's the tainting of my reputation! So, should I really ask why? Should I really wonder why I choose to be tormented with a single life over not being discreet and be showered by the affectionf of females. So, I'm now in an environment of girls, girls, boys too but mymy.. girls and ahumm its a reocurrence. There are a lot of girls there who are interested in me, but because of them not being sure of my sexuality, they prefer to leave notes and ask my friends and yet, I'm still discreet. Me coming out really wont be easy and I really am not looking forward to it, even if it means me being single and tormented for a while.. sigh...

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    You can do it. I feel the same way about what you said about reputation. I get irritated when people think bisexual people just want to sleep around with everyone. Do you have a real close friend or sibling you can talk to? I know that helped me a lot. Keeping all that locked in is so excruciating :/

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    How important is your happiness to you? I know it's hard; believe me, I've been there, but you're only making yourself unhappy. You deserve to be happy. Don't torture yourself.