Polyamory anyone? Bi oklahoma

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    Wikipedia states that Polyamory is a descriptive term for the practice or lifestyle of a person being open to more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time, with full knowledge and consent by others involved in their life.

    It also states that Monogamy is the custom or condition of having only one mate during a period of time.

    Which one do you practice? Does Monogamy seem logical? Does Polyamory seem too complicated? Anyone know from personal experience? Spill the beans here.
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    I find it intriguing but it's not for me. 

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    polyamory is cool in my book, so long as everyone is honest
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    I know I couldn't handle the complexities of polyamory. I believe everyone is different though. I know that I like the intimacy of being with one person, which puts me in a dilemma because I am happily committed to a man, but I also feel I would need to be with a woman.
    Lilly, I noticed we are not that far from each other and kind of looking for the same...
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    First let me be clear....Polyamory is not the same as polygamy. Ok now that is out of the way.
    Polyamory is an absolutely amazing relationship dynamic...for individuals who can handle it's complexities. It is a highly customizable relationship dynamic.
    My straight male partner and I have been polyamorous for the 6 years we have been together. Polyamory presents infinite opportunities for personal growth and insight.
    For those interested in alternative relationship options Polyamory offers flexibility and customization that traditional monogamy simply can't compare with. And for those like myself, that identify as birelational/bisexual, Polyamory provides opportunity for the best of both worlds, we don't have to necessarily choose one side of the fence of the other...we can have our cake and eat it too!
    If you want to know more about Polyamory please feel free to contact me and I would be thrilled to share my knowledge and resources with you!

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    I read a few weeks ago that a group in Utah wants to legalize polygamy and are modeling their efforts on the Gay Rights movement. They are against using minors in such arrangements.

    However, should polygamy be legalized within our lifetimes, we may see various forms and experience different complications.

    For instance, we would see it work both ways, with women having multiple husbands and as well as husbands with multiple wives, and even communal types of arrangements. The tax code may change. We might have "general" and "limited" spouse status, similar to joint and separate filings. Divorce could take the course of going from a general to a limited relationship, then on to a complete break. Think of those with multiple divorces as "serial polygamists."

    In areas where polygamy is accepted but same-sex unions are not, gay couples may seek a hetero partner to cover the relationship.

    Outside the Mormon and even Muslim communities, I believe very few people would take advantage of an arrangement if legalized. Of course, we are largely conditioned for monogamous relationships, and the economic situation of most people would prohibit polygamy.

    But to have mulitiple partners without benefit of clergy is a different matter. The main complication is the willingness of one partner to allow the other to pursue sexual relations with others. For such to work, a whole set of accepted practices have to be established, modified and taught to minimize friction.
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    I just watched something about this tonight while I am holed up from the bad roads. I have recently had a personal revelation about this and understand more about myself and others. I enjoyed your pic and the chance to respond.