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    I'm bisexual, of course. Why else would I be here? And for anybody else who's bisexual, you know what I'm talking about when I say it's hard to be different. When you're discreet, nobody cares that you exist. When you're open about it, everybody seems to hate you. But really, people, is it really that much of a sin to make yourself different from the boring norm and love another human being, whatever sex they may be? 

    I am the very definition of different when compared to the world I live in! I'm pretty much the opposite of sexy, I support the use of pot, I'm Buddhist, I have good reasons why polygamy is okay, most of the music I love is much older than I am, I love the frightening artwork of H.R. Giger as much as I love the most beautiful images of nature, I love cartoons more than I love live-action shows (yet I can't stand Japanese anime) so much so that I'm making it a career goal to be an animator, and, of course, I'm bisexual! But does that make me an evil person, when I am also smart, loving, funny and open-minded to all the people I meet who treat me as nicely? Society seems to think so! 

    Who else here agrees that nobody should be afraid of being openly different in this world of ours?! Anybody? Come on, let's here some voices, people! Don't be afraid to point out your differences and eccentricities! What makes you wierd, huh? Whatever it is, say it and embrace it!
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    Theres an old addage that comes to mind, "variety is the spice of life", and for me,  that sums it up quite nicely.

    I am who I am and I make no apologies for my mundane likes in life. 


    I prefer to drink bourbon over beer. I ride a motorcycle. I am anti govenrment spying, but my best friend is a us marshal.  Prefer books over tv, food over chemicals, I'll judge you harshly and meet out justice quickly if I see you abusing an animal or an elderly person.  I donate to the local homeless shelter and to the abused womens shelter. (Rome has enough money already, IMHO.)  At the end of the day, I am a happy and contented person, and try make those around me try to feel the same.


    If someone doesnt like that... well, unfortunately, I am all out out of f**ks to give.  If anything, I feel sorry that the person putting me down for being me, doesn't have enough in their own life going on to worry so much about what I'm doing.  


    The only difference between us and them is that I can stick my hands down someones pants, and be happy with what-ever I find there!  







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    Well, Ally Bunny9, I understand there are plenty of cons when it comes to having multiple spouses, but there are plenty of benefits as well:

    --Shared wealth (and in some cases, tax deduction), and therefore wealthier living

    --Distribution of chores and child-care (though children might be very confused)

    --A bigger variation of sexual experiences (face it, sex is an important part of marriage, and keeping it interesting over the years helps keep spouses together)

    --If you get mad at one, cry on the shoulder of another (and if divorce happens, all is not lost)

    --What's better than living with a group of really-close friends and lovers?

    That's just my opinion, though. I'm not saying we should all gather ourselves a harem, I just wouldn't mind having a pair of wives and a husband, that's all. And if somebody doesn't accept that, I'm cool about it. 



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         hum...I don't think its being different...everbody in the world (male and female) has had, is still having, getting ready to have - thoughts, feelings, questions , self teaching, wishes, or actual hands one experiacne in the field and world of Bi-sexuallity.

    It become a problem when you are trying to find a (noun) - person, place, or thing to answer your thoughs on the subject in the open. But thats just a real matter of being very honest in what you  say and feel. A person views, opinions, comments, therorie or suggestions on the matter should not and 65% of the time does not have any affect.  I'm Bisexual, been married twice, six children, presently widowed, but have three BBW partners...not curious anymore.


    everything in life has answer (s) - its your choice, which one you prefer to investigate to the final solution...   peace

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    Mindkiller if you don't mind I was wondering if you could share your views on polygamy and why is ok? I'm really interested in it and want to know your views on it please. :)

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    I'm new but was drawn to this post because it's the first post not about a freakin hookup, per say.  It is difficult and it shouldn't be! Everyone wants the right to live their life the way they want to, yet they turn around and judge everyone else for doing the exact same thing!  As a married bi woman, this judgement-thing happens all the time. Either I'm not "gay" enough, excuse me " "lesbian" " enough, or I'm not noticed. I will never be involved with a discreet situation because I am proud of who I does annoy me.  I get so sick and tired of dancing around my marital status on other's ridiculus. I should be able to say I'm VERY happily married, VERY bi, and very much intend on finding another woman to share part of my life with!