Bi-sexual females in ohio Bisexual troubles

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    Ok girls I am having difficulty finding myself a sweet, fun, pretty bi-sexual female. Can anyone help me? Or maybe your in th same location looking for something it! I think ohio is impossible:)

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    My boyfriend and I are looking for a bi curious female to have a threesome with.  We are in southern ohio. Adams county. Where are you located? 

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    Toledo Ohio here

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    thatsI just joined about 2 weeks ago along with my boyfriend and we are looking for our third to join our relationship, not just for sex, but to share our lives with us. We both know that a triad relationship is going to be hard, but that's why we are looking for that one girl that wants the same as we do. We all will be family. I wish everyone here luck and hope you can find what you are looking for! <3

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    OMG Ladies - 

    Seriously it is very difficult - especially if you are older! 

    I live in NE Ohio - after living in South Dakota for 10 years - but it has been very difficult to meet girls.  

    If we gals are having problems - then it must be that there are no formal networks or local get togethers.

    A blog like this is a good place to start.  



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    No I do not think Ohio is impossible.  I do not think any of us know what we are doing on here. when push comes to shove.  We are not going to communicate on any normal or deeper level.  Also most people just want sex...  So do not feel rejected.  You have a thoughtful profile and sweet pictures.  Anyone with a real brain with thought behind their profile at all is going to have a harder time here..  Hang in there, the right women will come to  you, I bet soon...  Or maybe all of us are too scared.    MoonSky