Bicurious guy looking to make friends First bisexual experiences

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    Recently single and figured it was time to explore this aspect of my sexuality. 


    I'd love to make some friends local or otherwise to talk to, share stories, share desires, and generally make friends with. 


    Would love to talk to guys, girls, or couples... 


    Thanks :) 

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    whats up


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  • View author's info Posted on Dec 30, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    I know just how you feel. I love feeling like a woman as well. The feel of rubbing against another man while in stockings and panties deives me wild. 

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    Hi Im paul 33 and married to caroline who is 31 we  r all bi course.  What got me in it when Caroline want and got a strap on to use on me that was ten yeah ago but but I can remember like yesterday so glad I did go through with it.ever since then I have all ways no wot I wanted.I had 4 orgasem in a short space of time. When caroline put that starp on I now know I was in for a good old shalfting lol. And on that night I just keep getting this image of me and a guy some it was guy's suckling cock and a fuck off grat big cock every day for ten years I was just dreaming about it and never  got to do it so I think it's time I no its not a virgin but it is kind of way never seen a 4 skin. Sorry for going on with it for to long.

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    Hello im also bi -curious, i think  i dont know if im bi or gay, i crossdress and i love to feel like a woman with matching panties and bra, nylons heels, would love to chat with you, the feeling of kissing another man , sliding my tongue in and out of your mouth gets my anus all moist and ready to be stretched. 

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    l am bicarious too. I am happily married to a beautiful wife. We are looking to satisfy my wanting to be with a man, but he has to pleasure her too.