Being Mature with my Sexuality - Why limit yourself to ...? Mature Bi

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    Being mature with my Sexuality, I find myself thinking about exploring areas that I have been reluctant to venture into. I've always considered myself "straight" but open to exciting things. The world of Bisexuality for both males and females has become attractive to me. Why just limit yourself to Sex with the "opposite sex"?

    It's like when you're having sex with a MOS (Member of the Opposite Sex) to just one intercourse position. Why limit yourself? Or being oral with MOS. Why limit yourself to just the "lips"? And when it comes to penetration. Why not any place that can accommodate? And why just limit yourself to one partner or more than one partner at a time?

    Then that brings up having MSS (Member of the Same Sex). Why not them also? Everybody has something different to offer!

    Why not a "Mass" of bodies (both male and female) touching and being touched. All seeking Pleasure and all giving Pleasure? Of any "size"?
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    Let's have a party.  How about Philadelphia?


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    That's one of the best explanation of bi-sexuality I have ever read why limit yourself be free to do it and have fun and enjoy!!!!!!!
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    I would love to explore another possibility with you. Please respond to me At least discuss the variations! ;)
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    nice post
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    That is the question I have been pondering lately...Why can't I be a sexual creature...not male..not female...just me? That is what has brought to this site.
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    I have been bi since I was 15 yrs. old and my best friend and I did a nal to each other. It was awesome. Since that time I have had many bi sex fun encounters with m ales. Although my best friend and I are 60 now, whenever we get together, we make some time alone for ourselves so we can do it. He lives 4 hours away. I have been searching for another bi married guy, that shares some of my interests, to have as a close friend. I agree, I have never limited myself to sex with just one gender.
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    Ready when you are ~