not sure if i am bi Comments and Suggestions

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    Im bi curious but not sure if I want to b full on bi I don't know how to tell I have dated girls before but all my male relationships have been more successful help!!! How do I know
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    I can relate.  I'm not 50/50. 
    I masturbate to pics of women but I'm emotionally and sexually attracted to men.  I've never been with a women though.
    I'm not hetro because my head turns like a guy as soon as a hot women walks into the room :-)  I try not to get caught lookin too :-)
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    I'm bicurious too and I'll tell you how it's been for me. I've only been with women but also have had an attraction to men for quite a while. However, I don't think I would want a full fledged relationship with a man. I'm just not emotionally drawn to them. I have romantic feelings for women as well as physical. With men it"s just physical. So while I'm pretty sure that I'm bi, it isn't quite a 50-50 thing.