I wish I didn't feel so alone... Bisexual troubles

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    My whole life I've been looking for love. I started with girls that never liked me and ended with having crushes on straight guys. There was ony two straight guys: one threatened my life & the other just turned me a blind eye and a deaf ear. I've only had three gfs and one bf my whole life. My gfs just never worked out. The first one I dated for three years but I had to move away. My ex-bf, I only dated him for a day. He dumped me, broke my heart, and then he told me I had "issues"...it's not my fault I'm passionate about stuff. I fall in love pretty easy and it doesn't take much to win me over. I'm very sensitive. Please don't judge me...I've been bullied more times than I can count. People tend to look at me funny and spread rumors about me. I can't figure out for the life of me why. Every time I fall in love...it always ends in disaster. All I've really ever wanted is someone who understands me. Someone who gets me. Someone who knows how it feels to be where I've been. Someone who can look at life through the other persons eyes. I need a girl/guy who will stand by me through thick and thin. A best friend, a partner, my Twin Flame. I'm not asking for much. I'm just asking for a true friend. Is that to much to ask?? feeling: broken :'(
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    I notice it's been awhile since you've posted this.  I just joined and I actually do know how you feel.  You're in my thoughts and I hope you are doing better today than back when this was written.


    Love & Light

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    I'm sorry, I really can't understand how you must be feeling right now, so I'm not going to pretend I do and give you advice. Well, for me, I'm like the polar opposite of you. My emotional state is warped. I hardly feel anything even close to love, hence me coming to this site in order to maybe have a shot at learning. So I really can't understand what you must be going through right now, for I've tried and failed to fall or even have a strong crush for someone. But I do wish that you continue to stay strong, Because I believe the world needs more people like you. I would seriously be glad if I could meet and befriend you. You seem like a sensitive person that understands people well. There are plenty of people worse off than me needing your love and care, so head up, keep going. We need you :)

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    My dear friend - 

    I am very emotional and intense at times and it can be overwhelming for people.   It  can be very lonely to be bi or gay - sometimes you think no one will ever understand you or be there for you.

    But there are kind souls out there and this is a safe space to share.


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    Hey WiccaShaman3


    You sound like a great guy who understands more about himself at your young age than many do until much older.  I don't judge you at all for being sensitive since I used to be very sensitive and am still somewhat sensitive.  I did a lot of men's work over the years through Mankind Project and they have weekends and some other events that are specifically designated for gay and bisexual brothers.  It has been confusing for me to be sexually attracted to men and women and it was not until later in life that I was able to more fully accept and embrace my bisexulaity.  Feel free to send me a message through bicupid and we can exchange email addresses if we want.  My animal name in the mens work is conscious nurturing dolphin.  I was able to interact/swim with my brother and sister dolphins at discovery cove when I was on vacation in Florida this summer.