why bi??? Bisexual questions

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    Am I thinking about having a bi expiriance because I am older and alone? I kind of think of me as being in prison and the only sex I can have is myself or another man. It is very hard to find a willing women to play with at my age, 72 last birthday, it seems they are so much into grand kids and family things that they just wrote sex out of their book. Any thoughts on this? Would really like to hear a womens side. Thanks

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    Thank you for a womans view, yes i want to romance a woman again, I would love the wine and dine and loveing again, I just don't want to get married again. I love women and I still think about sex with another man. Well maybe the new year will bring me what I want, Merry Christmas to all.

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    I would say that changing your sexuality just because you are sexually frustrated can only end badly for you both. but if you are legitimately curious about other men it could be a whole new world for you to explore with the right partner. As far as dating older women yes i am a woman and I can definately see how that could be a huge challange. The best advise i can think of is take her out and make her feel young again. They always focus on kids and grandkids because they likely feel that those are the only interesting topics in thier life. its not that they are fridged or uninterested its just more difficult to come to terms with a diffrent way of living and not working will make your life seem pretty boring really quick even if it isnt. So take her out and show her a good time like you were teenagers again. Dont go in with expectations though. The thought has to make its way back into their mind on its own. Be subtle but make sexual passes when appropriate, make dirty jokes when you can. Get the idea of touch and lust back in her mind and the body will eventually follow. Another reason they may be less sexual is because they may not feel sexy anymore. You must convense a stubborn woman with years of experience and knowlege under her belt that she is wrong and that she is still sexy. It wont be an easy task i am sure, but if that is what you seek then that is what you must try to accomplish.