Attracting a new partner male or female, once you come out Bisexual troubles

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    I recently came out as being bisexual guy back in febuary of this year, I had an alrightish marriage that had it's fair share of problems, ( who has'nt ). well for obvious reasons it was the straw that broke the camels back.
    But the biggest shock to me was my friends, they were absolutly brilliant, not one of them turned against me, i get the occassional comment from the odd person, but i simply dont care i tend to laugh with them and they back off then coz they didnt get a reaction.
    Now, like my ex i'd like to move on, i've joined various dating sites and to be honest they bascially are all the same.
    How in gods name do you start to find a new partner be it male or female obviously i like both lol, but as one of my friends joked " i'm just greedy ", in all honesty i suppose i am, but that still does'nt help in the search does it.
    Another point i must ask is when does the dreaded " oh by the way i'm bisexual " come into it.
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    It is hard to find just the right person, no matter the gender. Bisexual men have a harder time than bisexual women for sure. A lot of bisexual women think bi men are GAY, but they think it's fine to be bi women. There is NO WAY my GF would think I was gay--gay men do not like female bodies at all. Least most of them. Some of them have had such losy relationships with women that they gave up and do better, relationship wise with men. I prefer women for relationships and just love good sex with both. Everyone is different. Don't worry about the hyprocrtical women who don't like bi men. You WILL find the right one.
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    BiSexual women LOVE BiSexual men. The last 5 ladies I have been with have been Bi. 2 had boyfriends that are"Bi" so I was able to satisfy that need while having amazing sex with the ladies. And they are ages 36 to 46. None minded me being 59. Though all of us are endurance athletes (iron man, tri, adventure racer)
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    at the start i am bi also write me back