Getting Husband over the Bi-Hump so to speak... Bisexual questions

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    I have been playing with my husband for years anally finally adding cum play into the mix in a major way over the past few years.  I finally have him so comfortable with l and cum play that he now does it own his on.  I love to hear about it, or watch live, or via vid cam (we both travel a lot).  It helps knowing that he takes as good care of himself now as I do when we are together.  I want him to always be sexually sate.  Over a year ago I introduced an idea that has been formulating, how much I'd like to share our hot sex play with others.  Find a couple we click with and play.  We have recently played in front of others, watched them playing, and with a lot of bi action going both ways.  The m/m action is about as hot as one can imagine (as far as I am concerned).  My husband cannot deny he gets stiff as a board.  We have seen some pretty hot sex with the wives leading the charge.  My husband has incredible orgasms from and I encourage him to try the "real deal."  I have massive orgasms from dp vaginal/ and can only imagine what his would be like with the real deal.  Also since becoming a cum aficionado I’d love to share a few of the men with him.  I know the thought makes him hot as heck.  I feel possible with the right couple it might but one would think of three lovely couples certainly one would click?  So any words on wisdom on getting him to just let it happen? 

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    That hot

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    I love hearing these experiences!  And believe me, I can totally relate!  I would love to chat sometime when you both are free

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    Thank you.  The kissing is so amazing these days with this new addition.

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    After 10 years in the swining scene, bi and straight, I can tell you that your fantasy is VERY common among women. This site seems like a great place for you & your hubby to find like-minded women.


    On a side note, your profile pic is one of the best on this site. I've never had much cum play fun, but your photo makes me want to join in that sloppy kiss.  Nicely done...

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    He'd be fine with me having at it and even possible dual holes on me as well as dp.  But I do not think he would be as comfortable without some other ladies present.  He says that knowing that the wives are all into it is what runs him on.  He loves that I am into it and it turns him on so another couple may work as long as the other lady is as into as I am.

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    Vacations are great times to find new, one-time play partners.  Find a couple from here or CL in a place you two will be visiting? Does he know just how damn hot you find the idea of him taking another cok inside of him?

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    Any idea on getting him over the hump?


    I do know that he is more comfortable the more females are around and into it.  We tried a bi couples mixer out of town and the ladies had some of the guys going at it cheering them on, assisting them, my husband was very comfortable in that setting, but I doubt I could set that up locally.

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    I really don't think a label is important here. The two of you have fun & are both having, what sounds like, incredibly satisfying sex. Just enjoy & appreciate how lucky you two are. :) I wish I could join you.  


    That being said, how do you think he'd respond to coming home from work to you and hand-selected hard cock waiting for him in the bedroom? :)