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    How can we meet without playing email for money? Wouldn't it be nice to have a sign or signal so we would know to approach each other? Help me out here. What if this topic let us announce when and where we planned an outing or shopping trip? Or said if you're ever in (my town) look for the couple with red hankies tied to there belts and say hi. Any suggestions for some kind of sign or signal or announcement board to allow bisexual couples to recognize each other?
    My husband just balks at having to pay to tqlk to people and its so impersonal anyway. We live in a small town with not quite legal at the moment transportation. A trip to Walmart is an outing. Maybe we could have a meet up at Walmart day. Or we could announce a time and day we would be window shopping, our town is about 3 by 6 blocks so if you saw or picture you would recognize us.
    Please saay if you are interested.
    Despartely seeking sue and the boy named sue
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    any bi lady's in toledo ohio