boyfriend wants a another women for fun Bisexual questions

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    hello im new to this so ill be honest how i feel and want advice from bicouple or people married who still enjoy this. well i started dated a guy who i really like and i feel i can fall for him. But deal breaker he like once a blue moon a threesome. Im not afaird of trying it for the first time with s girl. We little im a virgin with having sex with s women lol. But im afaird but boyfriend will just use us both for sex and not want a real relationship. can anyone help me if they ever went threw this

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    My boyfriend of almost a year is the same way. For his birthday a few weeks ago we had our first threesome. But he still treats me like a princess. He says he likes threesomes because he can do things to her that he can't do to me becasue he cares about me to much. The condtion I always set is that I get to pick the girl. This  makes me feel more confidant and lets me enjoy it just as much as he does. Just make sure to talk about it openly and honestly before and after so that you both feel comfotable and can enjoy yourself.