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    I am currently in a relatonship with a straight male but I myself am an bi curious or bisexual woman i am not for sure exactly what i am. I am here to talk to girls and flirt and to figure out if someone can tell me whether i am just bicurious or bisexal from my preferences. Please help!!!

    Thank you.

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    I am Bisexual married to a straight man but I use to be Bicurious before I tried being with a woman and enjoyed it and had a serious relationship with a woman. Now I know I am Bisexual. When you are not sure you are still exploring and seeking answers you are Bicurious when you know 100% that you like both you are Bisexual.

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    ok hum,

    all females are bicurious and also men are bicurious....you are always curious about what ever you see..no problem there in any way, but sociity says different - if they know your business. Bisexual in when you actully get into the answers you seek..... amking moves to the exsperiance of it happening...your alright..

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