why is it a real turn on for my girl to see me with a man Bisexual questions

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    Why is it such a turn on for my girlfriend to see me with another guy. . mmf. Giving oral and anal. She says its a real turn on. Should I go for it?. She already wears a strap on. And she has her way with me. I'm kinda really into it.. She loves seeing me being hammered by her. She says she wants me to do the real thing.. 

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    I have been in mfm bi mfm my been in mmm all 3 of us bi and mmM with a gay couple and I will say now I know why women love about mfm threesome they love the attention they get from two guys. The encounter was freakin hot. I am a top but once the action started the guys just focused on me and made me the center of attraction and the hottest and most erotic part is when they both sandwiched me one doing wonders on my cock and the other one tounging my anus as if it was pussy.

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    My wife has been talking about this fantasy since the first time I let her try a strap-on. It felt good, but I didn't want to admit that to her. She gets crazy HOT when she is plowing me with her 7" dildo. I have been resisting her suggestions for quite some time, but just recently she had me tied to our bed. She slipped what I thought was a ball gag over my mouth, but it turned out to be an open mouth ring gag. I came so hard. She had a smile ear to ear the whole time. She wispered, "Glad you enjoyed that my little sissy gurl. Next time it's going to be a real treat...." I haven't stopped thinking about just what that meant since.

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    About 7½ years ago I met a young lady who later turned out to my my girlfriend. We loved to watch porn together. I noticed she kept picking bisexual MMF videos. So one day she confessed that she got really turned on watching two guys having sex. The next day she asked if I had ever considered trying it. Of course I said No. I lied to her because I had thought about it for years. She came to me one day and asked if I would think about it. I told her I would. I was making her work for what she wanted. The next day I told her I would do it ONE time for her but she had to set everything up. Well, within 24 she had a guy at our door. He came in, we all went to the bedroom and that was when it happened. I became bisexual and my girlfriend absolutely loved watching us! I later married her! lucky me.

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    I'm sorry you seem so nice. It is not a turn on for a lot of us women. Sorry just keeping it real. We want our men straight........us bi that's the way it goes now.

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    You should give into your urges and let her see you do it.  You'll love being taken by a man.  He may want your woman too though.  You need to be okay with that possibility.  

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    I have never been with two women but have been with two men! Can you say spit roasted? 😮

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    I had a woman once who wanted me to find another man to join us. I did and watched her with him as she put his cock in her mouth. Then she encouraged me to do the same..which I did...and it really turned her on

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    I also think it's a turn on, I would like to see my husband give oral & take it good. I think him enjoying another man is a complete turn on. I would love to feed him the guys c**k.  If you men enjoy 2 women, why can't we enjoy 2 men .