Is anyone real Couple seeking bi female Forward to friends

  • View author's info Author Posted on Aug 20, 2014 at 08:32 AM

    We have been on here for awhile searching some were near buffalo ny and we don't care if it's a ways out every profile we look at has not been viewed in over a month we just want to know if there is any females on here that is looking for a true relationship 

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 05, 2014 at 06:49 PM

    well...luckily I'm still going to keep my head up. I just joined so I REALLY hope light shines my way.  Sometimes I feel the same so I get what you are saying.  I've tried other sites & after so long I move on.  I've got my fingers crossed for this one!

    Good luck!! ^_^*

  • View author's info Posted on Sep 10, 2014 at 12:43 AM

    Well we are real but have had about the same luck. Has your luck changed since you did the post ???


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