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    Hi All!  Since this section is about Bi relationships, I thought I'd post a little bit about my story here. I am a happily married bi who was dating another happily married bi. We were together for 2 years and broke up in Nov.  My husband has been amazing with all the love and support after seeing how much this hurt me. I'm no where near ready to start dating again, but I was wondering:  how do you pick yourself back up and get out there.....  It wasn't like it was easy the first time. It seems like she just fell from the sky!  I'm also going for a very small population:  happily married, OUT[at least to their husbands], bi WOMEN who want a friendship but have dreams of a LONG-term RELATIONSHIP. lol.

    relationships suck when the end result is heartbreak.  lol....  :)
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    Wish I could help you I'm a guy.  Recent breakup also.  My significant other was not open as your husband is. I am having a hard time getting past this as well.  Good luck. I need to know how as well.

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    I'm so sorry hun. I think the pain will subside. I hope you can heal and someone will show up when you least expect to be swept off your feet again. :)