I'm a female looking for a couple. couples looking for bi female

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    Looking for a couple, than lets me control them i'm crazy as fuck with an impregnation fetish, very selfish as well will not get on cam, or show you pics or videos, my attitude is staunch, and im typically not very nice to anyone, i'm very aware of how selfish i am, and i need people who understand that, and understand that i am not willing to meet your expectations, or needs, i don't want negative feedback, please, just trying to be forward about what i'm looking for, i would like for you to first send me a full body nude live pic , show off a little bit, if you are a couple show me both of you, do not demand anything from me i can't stress this enough, please only hit me up if you are serious, i don't play games i will demand, i like guys who like to typically dominate there gf, or wives, and act like cocky, arrogant assholes, but i will not personally accept that behavior torwards me you will be cussed at, im not afraid to assert myself, if you understand my terms, please feel free to hit me up.

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    Hey do u live on Toronto by chance????  And if u want to talk would u be able to give a number so we can discuss all the details over the phone 

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    Hey do u live on Toronto by chance???? 

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    Hey there I think you'd be the perfect fit for my wifes lil tight pussy. I m rubbing her clit as we speak lookin at your pics. So we ll both get her juices all over us. One condition you gotta let her pound your soakin pussy too