Girl looking for bisexual Mr Right... Bisexual troubles

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    I am a 35 year old girl who has tried for many years to find the right guy! I definitely fancy men more often than women, but sometimes I will meet a woman I find really attractive. I have spent most of my life trying to have straight relationships with gay men - which of course simply doesn't work!! I am not attracted to straight men anyway! Only bi males. I am looking for a more committed type of relationship where I could marry a bi guy and settle down, maybe even have a couple of kids? I am not wanting to rush into a swinging lifestyle but I would not mind or be jealous if the man I love happens to fancy a man! So long as we could be open and honest and discuss everything, I would be willing to explore the lifestyle. But how and where do I find a guy who is looking for the same things as me? I am in London but feel so alone!
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    You found him right here, luv. Thats exactly what I am and what Im looking for too...only problem is I live in Canada! I think those men are out there in the UK too so dont give up. When I'm feeling down I YouTube a song called Never Give Up by Jimi Jamison. It has seen me through a spot or two. Good luck mum.
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    Hello, I'm a 49 year old guy, not very experienced with my bisexuality ( i masturbate to gay porn sometimes and I've only had sex with one guy), but i know I am looking for a woman who is open to being with a guy who is open to his femininity. I do sometimes like wearing ladies panties and bra, but its hard to find the right woman who i canshare that with and be open with about it in private together.
    I'm not looking to rush into anything as its been quite a while since i've been in a relationship. I'm quite a passionate guy., I love reading and the arts and i'm also working on my first novel to publish as an e-book online. I've recently moved to a small flat in south west london, and i'm hoping to make new friends.