what body type attracts bi ladies? Bisexual questions

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    as a fuller figured gal, was just wandering what kind of body type do  you  fellow lesbians / bisexual women like? is it just the really attractive ladies, with toned bodies , or do you not mind if your girl is over weight or a bit cuddly? let me know guys thanks :)

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    I don't think figure really plays into what I like.  What I look for is a woman who looks like a woman, Curves are a plus.  Confidence is super sexy!  

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    Well as you can see I am a full figured diva and I am working on losing a few pounds but I am not ashamed to be plus size. I men and women and I like them in all shapes and sizes and races I find different qualities about a person that makes them attractive not just appearance personality sense of humor and style play a part to.I don't like women that are very skinny I like my woman to have some meat on her and I don't like my man to be too skinny either but I don't mind them on the petite side my husband wears a size 32 pants he is a smaller figured guy.

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    I always wanted large breasts......I was only gifted a firm B. I love a woman who is curvy, full figured with large firm tits.......that alone is so hot to imagine

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    Personally I like girls who are a healthy weight, like the woman said above, not boney skinny but but not grossly overweight. Someone with chub, boobs and an ass ;) Obviously, if I have a connection, none of that matters.

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    For me... I am attracted to women with a classic look to them.  I love vibrant eyes and a body with curves.  Super skinny girls with bones protruding everywhere are not attractive, but neither is a lady who doesn't take care of herself.  I want to be with someone who cares about how they look, but doesn't try to be Barbie.  Natural beauty is best in my books.  Someone who you wake up to in the morning when her hair is a mess and makeup is off and still think, "damn, you're hot". :-)

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    I wish I lived in Northern Idado echebethan because I think you are beautiful and sexy!!!!!
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    I don't necessarily find bigger women attractive. I don't find them unattractive , either. I find women who look after themselves and are beautiful ,confident,interesting,and cool to know attractive, and size has nothing to do with it.
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    We have the same problem where we live in Northern Idaho. There are plenty of bi-ladies around but they are kind of vain. We are also a fuller figured couple (working on slimming down though) but have an extremely hard time finding anyone who is actually genuine; who just doesn't want to send dirty texts or lead us on and never meet us.
    We prefer fluffy and cuddly ladies!
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    you are perfect wish we were closer i would give you  any thing sexual u wanted