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    After years on here (on and off at times), I recently met my first bi cupid couple. It was an amazing & sensual day.  I hope that some of the things we did in that courtship phase can help others find some fun on here.

    First, it was clear that both of them were on the same page. They both replied to emails, which made me feel comfortable right off the bat. It was clear that both of them were interested in this fun.

    Second, they made it clear that, while not looking for a bull or cuckold situation, they needed me to be the aggressor. That really helped me know how they wanted me to fit into the scenario. I really enjoyed helping the husband enjoy his first bi fun. His hesitance and nerves were really a turn on for me.  I would not have been as aggressive had they not been so honest up front. By the end of the afternoon he was hooked. ;)

    And, while they were incredibly attractive, it was their openmindedness that really took the fun to the next level. This was new for them, but they were  good about communicating fantasies, boundaries, and desires. It made it really easy to suggest that we leave the first round of drinks half full & head quickly behind closed doors. 

    I hope that that these simple, but often overlooked, tips helps both couples and singles out. May your fun on here include something half as sexy as the wife's best quote of the night: "Oh my god I have 18 inches of manhood inside me!"





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    thanks, k bust, now we just have to work on getting your gorgeous self out here to CA  :)