Male to male oral First bisexual experiences

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    I've tried my first cock and it was amazing!!!

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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 21, 2015 at 08:35 PM fantasizes about it for a long time. My wife wore a strap on for me and I went down on her and loved it. She seemed to love it on. Always wondered what the real thing was like...

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    It is cool to see so many people have the same urges and curiosities. I too am straight, married, and love women. My favorite part of sex is going down on a woman. But, I too have fantasized for years about going down on a man, and maybe more. The thought of it is a huge turn on.

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    As a woman......I love to give head....... The idea of seeing a man give another man head though is incredibly hot.  Nothing gets me more turned on than picturing my guy, covering his eyes with a silk tie and watching him get head from another man..... Joining in., his feeling two tongues and not knowing whose throat he's cumming down.


    After he finds out and realizes the greatest blow job he ever got was from a man.....he reciprocates and I watch.....

    soooo hot

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    I have the same desires, love to please both men and women.

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    Like you I am married but have the last u months had thoughts about having sex with a man and a woman. I am not particularly interestd in having sex with a lone man (but saying that had non penetrative sex with a man , where I put a penis in my mouth for the first time).

    I am on this site to help me in my quest to meet a more mature couple so that I can fulfil tnis urge of mine, but I was wondering if there are any particular places in London where you can meet bisexual couples.

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    right  i  want  to  eat  cum  and  feel shooting  in  asshole 





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    Many of us share your same concerns...but I am sure we could have a great time, once that is a non issue...and we can enjoy the pleasure and fun of enjoying each other...

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    I love couples like you selves and adore women who like watching to men together.  You might enjoy meeting me.  I love to travel to meet enthusiastic couples like yourselves.  

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    I was in my 20s...very straight and then met a guy at a training seminar. He was soo good looking and always smiled at me. I became infatuated and if he'd asked me to to back to his place, i would have.

    It was all so very confusing for me and i struggled with it. I eventually found a couple of cocks to suck and although I loved it, i felt ashamed.

    About 4 years ago I met a bisexual woman who found out about my dilema and encouraged me to fulfill my desires and supports me completely. She would love to watch and help too.

    Has made me want to try again and maybe go further.....I no longer feel ashamed about it.

    Just to find one now. I have a particularly strong attraction to pretty crossdressers as well.

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    Guys I'm a stright guy, but love to suck .. I hooked up with this normal looking Asian gay couple... I went to there place, and after a beer... one sat next to be and said dont be nervious... he started rubbing my leg.. My went stiff... we went into there room... I had 2 socks to suck on... it was my first time... i remember tasting one guys pre cum... I wanted him to explode in my mouth so bad... but we wound up jacking each other off... couple months past and I couldn't resist... I found another normal looking asain.. and after couple visits to my place... I finally had my fun in the sun... I was sucking his for 5 min, when he squeezed my shoulder... I continued to suck his hard ... then he came in my mouth... but I realized afterward the tempreture is the same as our mouth... so his cum was like saliva... with a slight yummy tinge to it.... i spit it on his stomach... but got a little taste... next time I'm gonna swollow like a champ  :)

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    I actually like the salty musty taste and the texture. 

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    when you finally admit it it truely does feel so good i myself couldnt stand supressing it for that long it just feels right
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    Quoting author:

    i would love to find someone to let me give them head and maybe do my ass while my girl watches

    i would luv to do that to you while she's watching drop me a line
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    i would luv to do to ya drop me a line
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    I love sucking . Started young then took many years off and started again. I am not in to kissing etc.. With a guy but love . I will suck and play with his balls all day long. I also love to suck cum loads out of a ladies . I had a bi friend who loved to meet meet me at an fault bookstore and we would suck each other through the gloryhole.
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    Sexy 69er,  Like you i was very yong for my first  Bi experiences  (single diget age) My sexual interests seem to be  the same as yours.
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    Clean up is definately fun and leads to sucking.
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    My first time I was about 12 or 13 and I near a neighbor friend (of the same age) who I would hang around with and one day we were in the pool and he came up close to me and touched his body against mine and grabbed my dick and asked me if I've ever thought of doing something. I wasn't sure what to do I said no and buried try and I reached down his trunks and he was huge. The second I touched I melted and knew I would love what was. Coming next. He sat up on the edge of the pool and I pulled down his shorts and he was still soft so I put him in my mouth all at ounce and played with him till he got hard. I never got to finish him though but there many experiences just like it while I talked to him.