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    My wife and I agree that sex with other men and woman is both exciting and fullfilling. Picking suitable partners  that can share themselves soley for sexual pleasure while maintaining respect is not easy but they do exist. Watching eachother give and receive sexual pleasure has stimulated and helped our sex life beyond our dreams. Those of you that share our desire but remain skeptical....scared....unsure....shy.....DON'T you feel...respect it for what it is. After all it is just sex!!!

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    My wife and I have been talking about bringing in a guy for me, so she can watch and then join us after she couldn't take watching anymore. Neither of us want her to be penetrated. But we do want to give the guy a blowjob together. She says I'm very good when I have sucked her strapon. So knowing that we would be driving him crazy together is such a turn on. We also want a bi female for my wife. After I watch them for a while, I will join in and we will all lick, suck, and fuck each other, (they will both have strapons) until we just can't go on anymore. I was going to be happy just watching them and join in just for my wife, but she really wants to watch me make another woman feel as food as I do her. I'm so glad me and my wife have been able to talk about things and get more comfortable with each other, as well as with ourselves. We are going into this with the right attitude. It's just sex. It's just us pleasing each other and whoever we find to join us. We can't wait!!!

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    It must be harder for some of us to achieve a mutual trust. I recently told my GF I was bisexual and she only said "Well everyone loves their butt f****. She said she wanted to keep our relationship "exclusive" but it turned her on that I enjoy sex with a man. I know a woman's body turns her on--I see her reaction when a sexy woman comes on TV. I told her she could have a GF any time she wanhts, but she said "I don't want a GF." I just will go slow with this and let her get used to the idea. We've only been dating six months and pretty much live together. I told her she satisfies me in every way I need--but that's only partially the truth. I do love dick and get turned on my men. But I don't NEED it--just LIKE ir... and here I am on a BiCupid site? Hmmmm... I have often thought I would love to have her watch me have sex with a man--and watch her with a woman--but she must be afraid of sharing me with a woman--and I am not sure I would want a man to penetrate her--that's my job? Well lots to work out, trust wise. Somehow it's not always easiest to just say, "Well--it's JUST sex." It's more complicated than that.