friends?! bi-Filipinas seeking bi-Filipinas in the Philippines

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    A friend to cry with
    To know your tears
    A friend to hide with
    To know your fears

    A friend to hold
    A friend to care
    One you know
    Will always be there

    A friend of hope
    A friend of love
    A friend to do for you
    All of the above

    A special person
    Could be hard to find
    One who will always be
    In a part of your mind

    A friend to talk with
    To know what you're saying
    A friend to depend upon
    when you feel straying

    Go out and party
    Not out alone
    Someone to be with
    Gone or at home
    An arm to carry you
    To help hold you strong
    A person to help you
    No matter how long

    A voice of comfort
    A voice of fun
    A person to play with
    Out in the bright sun
    A power of faith
    A power of hope
    A power through pain
    Will help you cope

    WHAT I REALLY WANT ARE TRUE PERSON.............SINCERE hope to find someone that would truly love me
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    I believe you are the kind of guy that I am looking for. The only problem is that you are quite far. Anyway just wanted to say that you are loved.

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    im looking for frends in angeles city.....