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    I've never done this before-I'm Bi-Curious, always thought about being with a woman, but never knew/don't know how to go about it. It's difficult to tell if a woman is Bi, unless they're butch (no offense,I don't kno the correct word), in Mid-Florida Area- hoping maybe someone can show me the ropes & give me some advice maybe? I'm clueless-never tried any kind of dating site before, but I guess I have to start somewhere to step out of this shyness...

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    The bi community in Denver is not good.  There is a female-run meetup group, but it's feminine-centric and virulently anti-masculine.  The one running it is a lesbian in reality, though she's married to a man (he's very effeminate and she is the clear dominant).   The assistant running it is a female in academia who is very leftist and anti-masculine. 


    Be careful of the groups you join or look into.  Politics of sexuality is very much a nasty minefield and is often dominated by leftist rhetoric.  In my experience, too many are anti-masculine, meaning most of the women are there for the women, and they accept feminine men, but are anti-masculine.  The attendees get skewed to this female perspective.  If you're an effeminate male, they love you.  If not, you're the patriarchy and therefore evil.  


    If you wind up in sexually-based groups, those are mostly bi men there for men and they're honestly pretty gross.  These are often populated with wounded souls who are avoiding reality in the haze of sexual bliss.  It seems fun at first, but if you pay attention, you'll see too many are oblivious to real connection and are avoiding it like the plague for any of the million reasons they're afraid to come to grips with their sexuality.   So, they dive into unsafe sexual situations, or situations designed to avoid emotional connection. 


    Good times!


    So....scout the orgs as you's a zoo.  Expect the weirdness above.  Most don't understand this minefield, but if you do, you can spot the BS.  We all just want to be accepted, and we go to those groups hoping....


    .......but that's not what happens.  


    You just have to date like hetero world and screw the perceptions--but to do that, you have to accept yourself as yourself.  

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    I'm kind of in the same position. I'm trying to meet other Bi people in general just to have a common ground. If there's any gay bars in your area, that could be a good way to meet locals.

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