The Main Issue Bisexuals Face After the Social Acceptance

Despite the social acceptance to bisexuality, bisexual men and bisexual women are still facing the problem that being asked to prove the bisexuality exists, which is the main issue that they need to face.

Bicupid As a sexual orientation, bisexuality means a woman or a man will be attracted to their same gender or the opposite gender emotionally and sexually. It is not wrong nor illegal to be a bisexual. As the number of bi people and bi-curious singles has been rapidly increasing in recent years, people would want to know more about bisexuality. But people out there always demand them to provide clear evidence that can prove that they are bi. They often ask things like “How do you know you are actually a bi?”, “How could it be the same to be with men and with women?”and etc. In fact, it is rude and hypocritical to ask questions like that since no one will ask to show the existence of heterosexuality or homosexuality. Why only them need to prove their sexual orientation? Why it is wrong to like more than one?

As normal humans, we can like more than one thing in life. We can like apples and bananas. We like to eat bananas in the morning and eat apples in the afternoon. We can like dogs and cats. We may like dogs more and turn to like cats more all of a sudden. This kind of feelings will not be judged by anyone. Then when things concerned to sex and relationships, why we can’t accept that bisexuals really exits.

However, it is understandable to think in a different way. Humans aren’t things. We have feelings. We are supposed to like opposite genders. When gay and lesbian came into our lives, we refused but we accepted it gradually. Then here comes bisexuals who like multiple genders, making many of us feel insecure, jealous and scared. Those feelings towards bisexuality are called biphobia. Dating someone requires trust and security, which makes it difficult to date bisexual men and bisexual women for biphobic people who are fear being left for another gender and fear fluidity. Besides, the reality that bi people often be misunderstood that they are cheaters also keeps people from dating bisexuals. But you have to believe that people who cheat will cheat, no matter they are gay, lesbian or straight.

The solution to this situation for bisexuals is not trying to prove that they exist, but to ask these people to justify their fear and ignorance. When they try to think about it and they find they can’t figure it out, they would realize that they have been mistaking bisexual people for a long time.