Be Who You Are When Bi Dating

When bisexual men and women are dating or even before they start dating someone, they would hold the thought that their true self, their desires and feelings will ruin their chances to find a romantic, sustainable and healthy relationship with the one they love. So, bisexuals will choose to pretend they are someone else, someone who can be accepted by the public. Unfortunately, they are too simple to believe what they choose to do. In fact, no matter who we are, we are going to find true love and build a long lasting relationship with the one when we are the real ourselves. It is also true for bisexual dating. But it seems difficult for bisexual singles to figure this out. Why? Once bisexuals identify themselves, most of them will feel shameful and guilty for who they really are. The common minds will push them to misunderstand that they are just pursuing their sexual desires, which annoys them all the time. So, they choose to bury their sexuality and to refuse to be the one they really are when dating someone. On the other hand, those bi people will try to cure their ability to love more than one genders of people. They don’t need to, because being bisexual is not wrong and being who you really is not wrong. Envisaging yourself, including your sexual orientation and your sex desires is the start for a long-term, fulfilling and healthy relationship. Since ancient times, sex is one of the most important part in a relationship, which means that you won’t really own a relationship unless you can fulfill your sexual needs. You can take an example for homosexuals. They face the same challenges before bisexuals do: they have different bisexual orientation from others, they have the problem to express their sexual desire freely, they are judged by other people. But all of them are brave enough to be who they really are, earning chances to get what they want in a relationship and helping themselves to be accepted by the public. So, for bisexuals, homosexuals, asexuals, pansexuals, transexuals and other unique type of human, the only way to have a serious and happy relationship is to love yourself and be who you really are. It is not difficult for bisexual people to see the truth that there will always be someone to love you no matter who you are. Dating for bisexuals or date a bisexual is never a tough thing. But before that, you need to love and accept yourselves.