My First Bisexual Experience

I got married several years ago and consider myself as a heterosexual now. But that day when I sat in front of my house and saw a handsome young man who looked like one of my college friends walking through, I recalled my first bisexual experience when I was a college student. And after that, I found myself interested in exploring my bisexual part inside myself.

Back then, I was a naive and upright guy in college. I didn't know why the male restroom always attracted a lot of traffic. Then after a long time, I finally figured out that there was a hole on the wall that could allow us to see the guy in the next stall clearly. After I found out that secret, I always wanted to take a look at another guy' s body even though I had a live-in girlfriend that I thought I loved so much. But I just couldn't stop thinking about it. One day, I finally got myself together and decided to fulfill my desire deep inside my heart. I went into a stall and through that hole I glanced a guy next door who was taking a shower naked.

I was surprisingly excited and hoped he could stay longer for me to see. And even I wished that he could see me. That first feeling was something that I won't forget. Before I could fully fulfill my desire, he stopped what he was doing and finished the shower. After that I couldn't help thinking about that feeling and the body of other guys for the most of my time, even when I was having sex with my girlfriend. Then a chance came when my girlfriend went home on a weekend. I decided to get to the restroom to see if there was anyone there, so I could satisfy my desire. As expected, there was a guy there. I didn't watch him from the next stall. I went into his closet instead and started to kiss him. He seemed a little shocked and nervous at first. But after a while, he started to respond to me passionately.

After I have had my first bisexual experience, I struggled for a while. But I couldn’t find a reason to persuade myself that I don't love my girlfriend. Maybe girls are just sensitive and she knew that I was not that into her. So, she chose to leave me in a morning. After so many years, although I have been married, I can still recall that happiness and excitement when I was with that strange guy at the restroom in my college. I think deep down, I am still a bisexual.