Why Bi Community Cannot Get More Visible

Twenty years ago, a bisexual man or bisexual woman might think that he or she was the only bisexual person in this world. Although things have gotten better twenty years later, they still face multiple challenges. There is still a lack of information about bisexuality for common people to get a better understanding about this group of people. They still have the belief that everyone is bisexual or that bisexuality is just a transitional period for those people who will finally become homosexuals. Here are reasons why bi community cannot get more visible from people within this field.

“Most of bi people are not really willing to make their sexual orientation open for the public. Even for their loved ones, they may keep the secret deep down in their heart. For them, it will be difficult to join in a bi community, which means tell the whole world that they are bi. Even if they decide to participate in a community, they would worry about what if their workmates or neighbors find out the fact. So, in order to meet their needs, many communities cannot get more visible.”

“It’s because that some bi singles would claim that they are straight or gay or lesbian according to the gender of their partners at present. They think that they would be supported if they assume that they belong to a highly visible group. But they don’t know that this situation only makes bisexuality invisible to most people. They just be fool and don’t realize that they need to make their own community to be more visible.”

“I think it is because we can’t be bi in other people’s minds. If bisexual women are dating a woman, they will be labeled that they are lesbians and if bi women are dating a man, they will be regarded as heterosexuality. So, sometimes we just can’t make up our minds to keep who we are.”

“The hatred from both sides that got us invisible. If we tell straight people that we are bi, they will say we need to choose one side or we won’t have a serious relationship. And gay men and lesbians will say that we are bringing shame on them and we don’t deserve their support.”

“Bisexual men and women often try to come to terms with the society. They are in the grey zone. They are too weak to fight the thought of most people that human just can’t equally attracted to both sexes.”