How to reject someone nicely on bisexual Internet dating sites

Most parts of bisexual people have experienced both rejecting and being rejected and think rejecting as one of the hardest things during dating.

It is extreme right. I have met a bisexual girl called Sarah on xxxx(add the link). She likes me so much. And I know she is a great woman but not right for me. I was confused to handle this situation: I don’t want to let her heart broken but I also don’t want her waste time and energy on me.

In terms of most people’s experiences, knowing available means to reject someone appropriately is quite necessary.

1. Ignore it.

After receiving a new message from someone, you can immediately make sure that you haven’t interests in chatting with the person, just don’t reply her or him. The negligent action indicates that you have no interests in chatting with stranger. It is a normal action and no one may care about.

2. Give a short and simple reply.

When you receive a fresh message and regard ignoring as an impolite behavior, you can just send someone a short and clear rejecting reply: “Thank you for writing the message to me, but I have no interests in communicating.” Generally speaking, people won’t continue if they receive such a reply.

3. Be honest.

Being honest is respectful and polite. After having chatted for a few days, you think you don’t want to enjoying dating someone and don’t want to let your communication continue. Be honest to tell the person your true feelings. Don’t give someone false hopes and confused messages. As you have made your decision, tell the person and don’t let him or her bogged down. After all the person has invested time and energy to chat with you, so give her or him respect and politeness.

4. Be friends.

If you want to reject someone whom you like very much, but you don’t think she or he is your soul mate which is what you are looking for,, tell the person you want to remain friendship. Friend can be kept more permanent than lover. Love relationship may be broken up but a friend is lifetime.

5. Give some apparent hints.

If you find someone is loving you,but you don’t like her or him. Send the person some apparent hints and let her or him know you don’t hope to go out. For example, when a bisexual girl asks you what kind of girl you want to be your girlfriend, she may like you and wants to know is it possible that you will love her. If you want to reject her, just be brave to tell her what kind of girl you are looking for but don’t say something that is similar to her. Through answering her question, you can give her the sign that you don’t want her to be your girlfriend.

6. Say a white lie.

Make up a white lie and tell someone why you don’t want to date and say some words to encourage the person, which will let the person feel more comfortable.