How to Tell Your Parents You Are Bisexual

Lots of people are brave to admit they are bisexual among their friends or on the bisexual social network sites(add the link), but they choose to hide the truth from their parents. They afraid that parent will feel heartbroken after knowing the truth of having a bisexual child.

In fact, there is nothing wrong to be bisexual or bisexual curious. A number of people don’t choose to come out of closet to their parents because of lots of concerns. If you can make some preparations before telling the truth, your parents will be okay with knowing the truth. Here are some useful ways for you to follow when you want to tell your parents you are bisexual.

1. Tell the truth to your best friends first

Let your closest friend know your bisexuality. Firstly, it can reduce your inner pressure and give some comforts. Besides, as a closest friend, he or she has a better understanding of you and your parents. He or she can give some useful ideas and give you confidence, too.

2. Be calm

The moment that you decide to tell your parents, be confident and clear with your words. Let your topic simple and clear and don’t give them some ambiguous word. This is to avoid they think other things. Also, be clam and gentle with your words. Parents may feel hard to accept the truth but you should avoid any unnecessary conflicts with them.

3. Give them time and space

Parents may feel shocked and even heartbroken after you told them the truth suddenly because they have been holding the most beautiful dream for you but now you tell them such a sudden news without any signs. So they need time to face you again and give you a right response. Don’t consider that they won’t love you because of knowing the truth.

4. Ask some advises from your friends

If it is really tough for you to tell the truth, ask your friends to help you. They have known the truth before so they don’t feel shocked with news. When you decide to tell your parents, let your friends to help you.

5. Tell your parents your inner thoughts and tell when you find you are bisexual

Parents may want to learn more about your inner thoughts especially the reason why you are bisexual but they may feel hard to ask you too many questions. So just tell them when you found out you are bisexual and how you feel to be bisexual.

6. Be confident

After having told your bisexuality to people around you, don’t think they will look down upon you. They are still your friends and families. There is nothing different between having told them the truth and not having told them the truth.

7. Be strong and don’t let parents worry about you

It is certainly true that some people may not accept you are bisexual and don’t understand the bisexual people. They might say some bad words of you. Be strong and tell those who dislike your bisexuality you can survive very well. If you can’t ignore the rumors and possess a strong inner heart, the most saddest one are your parents.