How to Initiate A Kiss While Dating with Bi Girls

Kiss and hug are the two simple things to show your love. When two persons fall in love with each other, the first thing you may want to do is kissing. If you are going to kiss a bisexual girl, you may face a problem how to initiate a kiss. For example where should your hands be? If you want to give her a perfect kiss and let her never forget, there a some tips which can help you initiate your first kiss and the later kisses,too.

1. Run the fingers through her hairs.

All the bisexual girls love their hairs very much. This is the main reason why girls like hairdressing. Running the fingers through her hairs is a sweet and romantic action and can also remind her how deep you love her. What’s more, it is a enjoyable thing secretly smell her light hair with the fingers touch her silky hairs. In a word, touching hairs while initiating a kiss is a very vague and warm gesture.

2. Touch her face gently.

In order to increase more intimacy for your kiss, you can caress her face gently with your fingers. And with the pace of kiss, you can touch her lips, cheeks, chin or neck softly. And do like this, you can solve the problem of where hands should be. And at the same time you can control your kiss movement.

3. Hold her hands.

You may make her feel nervous, unnatural and awkward, if it is your first kiss. So you can first hold her hands gently and look at her eyes and then kiss her. It is a sweet and innocent kiss. This action can reduce her anxious and uneasy and tell her you kiss her because you love her so much.

4. Draped across her shoulders.

It is a flirty, playful and light move. It is a more ambiguous action to display your love, and seems like you two are made for each other. It’s exciting, but significant.

5. Put your hands on her waist.

This is the most comfortable posture. Put your hands on her waist and let you two much closer. Don’t put you hands too tight and she will enjoy it if your are gentle and soft. Also, you shouldn’t do this too quick, you should choose a right moment or you may let her feel terrible. The advantage of putting your hands on her waist is not only let you two feel easy but also let her know you’re deeply attracted by her.

6. Put your hands on her thigh. If you two are in a park sitting on a bench close to each other with same direction or watching movie, it can be hard to know where to place your hand. If you want to kiss her to the next level, you can put your hands on her thigh.

This action can make you two feel excited. And remember this posture suits to use after you have dated a few times.

Kiss is not only about lips and tongues. How to initiate a kiss is the key to date a bisexual girl. So while starting a kiss, please do the right things.