How to Find Your Perfect Bisexual Soulmate

Most people believe that we can always find our soulmate. How about the bisexual members? Is it possible to have a soulmate if your are bi? I chatted with many bisexual people on xxxx, most of them think that have a bisexual soulmate is quite hard. What’s more, I hear many stories about heterosexual or homosexual people getting soulmates. It seems like that bisexual soulmate is unreal. Today, I want talk something about how to find your perfect bisexual soulmate?

At first, what is soulmate? The definition of soulmate is very simple. Soulmate refers to a best friend but more. It’s the one person in the word who know you better than anyone else do. It’s a person who knew you, accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what happens, you will always love them and nothing could ever change that. It is easy to conclude a soulmate is someone who can give us trust,support and benevolent. As a bisexual woman, I think a soulmate is necessary.

If you want to look for your soulmate, you must first know about yourself well and be real to yourself. Only if you have learned about yourself deeply, you can do like what your heart hopes to do without fear. If someone who do the same things as you do and then you two have somethings in common, you can have the possibility to become the soulmates.

Keep conversation and be patient. Conversation is the most simple and easy way to know each other. For example, when you two keep online chatting, you can learn what he or she like and dislike and what are the same things both of you like or dislike. Also, you must be patient. For example, in daily life, you may observe she or he’s work style or life style, which needs you to be patient.

Love is inclusive-not excluded, so please accept the infection and constantly change. Love makes you grow as a a man. And love needs you keep learning. When we feel loved, deeply understood and carefully accepted. Thus gives a birth to a sense of security, which is far beyond the body's sense of security. You do not have to possess a predetermined fixed personality characteristics, so that others will think you certainly can not be expected. And at the same time your change can also contributes to your partners’ growth. It is very wonderful to have different experience, rather than to be a still statue standing in the world.

Be pure. Soulmate doesn’t need too much ends and means. Those people who are in order to get married and then to love; who are in order to have the family and then to marry; who are in order to get rid of loneliness and then to look for depending; who are in order to enjoy the joy of sex or money and then to marry can never understand the true meaning of soul mate. Therefore, please keep a pure mind when you fall in love.

Lastly, please be humorous. A good sense of humor can also benefit us to find soulmate. I think humor make you charming. What’s more, humor to some extent can replace people’s intelligent. For example, when you chat with a bisexual man online, he asks you “hey, beauty! Wanna have sex? You don’t have to take it seriously and you can answer him in a humorous way. If you say “no”, I am sure that you will not have fine chatting. Don’ t be serious, it may be a humor. It is a long journey to find a soulmate, so keep your conversation much more easy.