How to Date a Foreign Bisexual Girl Across Language Barrier

On my first day of dating a foreign girl I found that something terrible, I couldn’t speak foreign language. You know there are lots of bisexual members from different countries on bisexual dating sites (add the link). When you meet the right guy who is a foreigner, you must regret not learn more foreign languages and be afraid that you will lose the chance to communicate with her or him because of a language barrier.

From my experience, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier too much. If you use the right ways, you can also date successfully. Here, I have some tips in regards to doing well in dating with foreign bisexual girl.

1. Learn some basics of her language.

Most important and essential part in a date is communicating. It is totally frustrated and miserable for people to find out how to express but being unable to. You can firstly learn some basics of the language and try to communicate with her. Through practice and communication, you can can also develop your language ability.

2. Look at her when you talk to each other.

Except to the language communication we should make use of our eye contact. Sometimes you can’t figure out what she means through her words but you can understand her meaning from her facial expression. Looking at her face while talking can help you understand each other. And then you can use your facial expression and body language to emphasize what you are talking. Besides, through eye contact let each other feel further close.

3. Make good use of dictionary.

Take advantage of dictionary to help both of you to learn the other’s language. And now many smart phones have the function of dictionary, which can provide convenience of access to looking up a word which cannot be understood.

4. Keep good inner mood and don’t feel frustrated or angry

Because of different cultural background and language, you two may differ on thinking mode. Then sometimes you may feel elusive and frustrated for your communication. At this moment you need to keep a good inner mood and calm down. Never be angry with her because it is not her false.

5. Learn as much as you can about her county, culture and religion.

Dating a foreign bisexual girl, you cannot only think about the language differences but also work out the cultural gaps. Sometimes language differences aren’t the largest problem for the “love abroad”. Culture differences may bring main difficulties to long-distance relationship. Spare some time to learn her culture, religion and history, which can help you have a better understanding of her life.

6. Design more activities for your dating

Since communication seems to be a problem for you two, why not choose more activities to avoid difficult communication. Go to a place like zoo and fairground or go for a walk. There are enough staff for you to have a look, then you can reduce the time to communicate through words.