How to Confirm You Are Bisexual Women

The other day I have read a article on blog coming from a bisexual girl. In her article, she told others her love story. She said that she had a long-time experience of heterosexuality. At that time she thought she would never love any other men except her ex-boyfriend. However, when she met her girlfriend, she completely forgot her promise for her boyfriend. The only thing she thought was how to tempt that girl. The moment when she recalled her two relationships, she told the reader she put them to the same position and regarded them equally important. I believe people of all ages are likely to be confused about their gender. If you are wondering about whether you are bisexual women or not, here we provide some recommendations to deal with your confusion.

a. What Is Gender Identity?

Gender includes three aspects: gender identity, sexuality and sexual behavior. Your gender identity may be heterosexual, but your sexuality or your sexual behavior may show differences from your gender identity. Heterosexuality means someone can be only attracted by the other gender and hasn’t any sex thoughts and feelings towards his or her own gender. Also, woman may not be curious about making love with woman. And we can use the same way to understand homosexuality. Bisexuality refers to someone who can be attracted by both sexes. But it doesn’t mean the bisexual person must be attracted by two kinds of sexes at the same time or you must fall in love with both male and female. Part of bisexual women just has this kind of thoughts but not the practice.

b. Determine Your Own Sex.

If you are confused with your own gender, you mustn’t be a heterosexual woman. Who is your object of sexual fantasies - a man or a woman, or both man and woman. And how about your sexual dreams? Awareness activities during sleep might be an important sign. If you mainly like men, but still be curious about homosexual behavior then it can be called"bisexual curiosity". Approximately 5-7% of men and women are totally gay or lesbian.bisexual and more the people are bisexual or just homosexual parts haven’t been found out.

c. Research Through the Available Information

There are a lot of information about sexual orientation. Most large bookstores and libraries have both male, female or gay district. You can know well about yourself through reading others’ story. In addition there are thousands of sites providing useful information as well as you can learn about the online information secretly. Talking about experiences with bisexual women is very beneficial. For example, you can chat with bisexual woman on bisexual dating site(add the link). Through the conversation you can make sure if you are real bisexual woman, and it may also a good chance to make friends and date.

d. Accept Your Bisexual Identity

It is important to recognize that you can not consciously make changes to your bisexual identity after confirmation of your sexual orientation. Some people's sexual orientation may be changed as the time goes by but this change can not be forced to make by yourself or others. The best way to set free from doubts and misgivings is to accept your bisexual identity.

That’s all for today. I just want to tell all the bisexual women, bisexuality is not a rare think and it s a very common.