How to Approach Bisexual Women Without Being Creepy

I have seen lots of bisexual members who have been struggling with appropriately approaching and flirting bisexual women. Sometimes if you don’t clear what you’re doing, you may run a risk of being creepy. I know many of you guys on xxxx(add the link) are relatively social inexperienced. So it isn’t easy for you to master the art of romantic matters.

Luckily, I am a bisexual girl, which means I can figure out how a bisexual woman wants to be treated. What I hope is you can read my advises and next time when you want to approach a bisexual woman, don’t be creepy.

1. Approach her confidently. Being confident is the first importance to approach a bisexual woman. Lots of bisexual girls think a person who just wanders without confidence is creepy. So if you like her, just be brave to approach her without lots of hesitation. What’s more, a confident person never be considered creepy because confidence is one of the most important qualities.

2. Respect a bisexual woman. Respect a woman’s requirements. And don’t shout at them in public. Nothing but you can show enough respects to a bisexual woman, you are probable to get respects back. Most important thing is that don’t possess any prejudices and discrimination to her. Don’t look at approaching woman as playing game. Any of your disparaging behavior may make her feel disgusting.

3. Give her more compliments rather than just praise her appearance. It is undeniable that most people are attracted to women with beautiful look. You may think she is very attractive. If you want to approach her, give her sincere compliments. And after having found her good qualities or specialties, praise her beyond appearance.

4. Don’t touch her casually. Approaching a girl doesn’t mean you have the chance to touch her casually. If she doesn’t want you to touch her, don’t touch her. Pay attention to her facial expression and body language, if you can feel her uncomfortable, stop touching her.

5. Give her proper personal space. After having shown your aspiration of approaching her, what should you do? Most people think it is the right time to show that you can handle everything for her. You can help her with anything. You may think she will feel happy and lucky to meet a strong and helpful person just like you. However, your endless disturbances may let her feel uncomfortable. A lot of guys give bisexual women the creeps because of disturbing her personal space. Instead of keeping being in front of her, you should figure out when to give her proper air. And at the same time, she will clear when to give you the chance to accompany with her.

6. Understand her words. The most serious way to creep out a bisexual woman is to force her to do something. When she say “no” seriously, don’t force her. Someone would like to believe woman’s “no” means “yes”. Sometimes this idea may be right but things always have an accident.