Differences Between Healthy and Unhealthy Bisexual Relationships

Healthy bisexual relationships are involved in sincerity while unhealthy bisexual relationships may be fulled of cheat and hypocrisy. It is wise to analyze whether the relationship will be worthwhile or not before making a decision to a serious bisexual relationship(add the link). Someone who says love you could be against his inner minds or feelings because sometimes people may be confused with his own feelings. Therefore, before you decide to get to a serous bisexual relationship, you’s better make a completely judgment.

1. The attitude towards giving

A healthy bisexual relationship know giving something to your partner shouldn’t expect anything in return. It should freely give. But an unhealthy bisexual relationship wants to give to get something in return. A healthy bisexual relationship needs two persons to trust each other. And you know your partner will never betray you and give without any concerns. But an unhealthy bisexual relationship hardly gives without hoping for a return. And also it is impossible for two person to trust each other because people tend to pay for trust.

2. Whether two people are willing to tolerate each other’s shortcomings or not

Keeping a healthy bisexual relationship needs to accept the other person and sometimes needs to tolerate bad respects of the other person. No one can easily hide or change what the other half really likes, therefore two persons can love the each other completely. However, in an unhealthy bisexual relationship , people won’t tolerate the things of a person which they don’t like. And they just want the other side to change and satisfy their own needs. They want to change their partners but not tolerate their real partners.

3. Whether you have proper personal space or not

In a healthy bisexual relationship, people tent to give their partners freedom and space. They never force their partners to be exposed within their views. But in an unhealthy bisexual relationship, people are always feel breathless.

4. You don’t push the other half to give

In a healthy bisexual relationship, you want to give because you genuinely desire to look after your partner’s needs. You are willing to satisfy your partner’s needs. But in an unhealthy bisexual relationship, you will feel guilt not to give, so you try your best to satisfy your partner. But you clear that your give is not your desire and you don’t give freely.

5. Whether you two want to share dreams together or not

Falling love will turn two persons into one union. In a healthy bisexual relationship, two persons will make dreams together and look forward to two person’s happy future. What’s more, they will do their best to make their common dreams come true. However, in an unhealthy bisexual relationship, people seem to be more selfish and wish partners can give up their personal dreams. They are just concentrated on their own pursuits.