Be more affectionate for your bisexual partner

If you want to have a long-term bisexual relationship, you need to become more affectionate to your bisexual partner. Affection can make two persons intimate. A study has shown that the relationship with higher physical affections can get more relationship satisfactions. You may need few of affectionate skills when chatting on bisexual dating site(add the link). But how about the following intercourse in the real life. So it is really necessary for bisexual people to master the keys to be more affectionate.

Step One: Touch

1. Spare some time to accompany your bisexual partner. Many people are busy with making money or realizing dream. Time seems to be a problem for being affectionate. So you need to make it on your schedule.

2. Don’t forget to hold someone’ hands. When you are together with your bisexual partner, don’t forget to hold her or his hands. It is a simple and useful way to strengthen your position. And it is the most effortless way to grow your affection for your partner.

3. Make a list of useful ways which you can be more affectionate no matter they are in your mind or on the paper. You can set different scores for each way and try to get higher score through practice.

4. Learn massaging for your partner. When you can massage for your partner and make the person feel comfortable, he or she will enjoy it very much and appreciate your care. Massaging is one of the most efficient ways to show physical affection.

Step Two: Sound

5. Show more oral affection. Most bisexual people tend to say some intimate words through text or email, because they think this kind of way is more personal. So they seem to forget the importance of verbal affection. In fact people are more enjoyable to hear rather than to read.

6. Try to keep in touch when you are running a long distance relationship and try your best to offer oral affection. When you are fay away from each other, choose video chat by smart phone or computer because it can help you make eye contacts during your talk.

7. Nickname your loved partner. Nickname can make two person more intimate. Your bisexual partner also need a spacial nickname. Remember to use some positive nicknames.

8. Don’t forget to say “thank you”. We usually forget to say “thank you” for our most intimate one. When she or he do some things for you, please look at the person’s eyes and show your appreciation in some affectionate words.

Step Three: Behavior

9. Show your affection back. When your bisexual girlfriend show you her affection to you, you can return her with a big hug or a gentle kiss. Don’t waste such a important moment.

10. Turn some daily activities to the chances to be more affectionate. For example you can take your bisexual girlfriend in your arms when your are sitting on the on couch and watching TV rather than sit separately. In other words you should make you two as close as you can when your are together.