Types of Bisexuality

Bisexual people are a huge and varied group that can not be defined easily. When we try to define bisexuality, we should consider some factors, which are sexual attraction, sexual behavior, sexual fantasies, emotional preference, social preference, lifestyle and self-identification. And based on those factors, it is easy to conclude at least 10 types of bisexuality.

1. There are bisexuals who choose partner alternative. They don’t mind if the partner is male or female. After they end a relationship with a man, they may choose a female to date. After that relationship, they may get back to man for a relationship.

2. Some heterosexuals who can be a bisexual when they are facing a situation that they cannot find an opposite sex partner, which means they can choose to date same sex partner sometimes. For example, when they are in the military, a gender-segregated school, or in jail where they can only have access to the same sex people.

3. Some bisexual people may have a primary relationship with one gender but will still date an opposite sex partner at the same time. They may just feel happy when they can date both male and female.

4. It is common to see bisexuals turn to be straight or gay or lesbian for some reasons or for a purpose. For example, there bisexual men who become gay sugar babies to earn money for a better life from a sugar daddy. And there are also bisexual women who get married with a man to live an easier life and raise a family.

5. Some bisexuals can establish emotional relationships with both men and women separately or at the same time. But when it comes to sex, they are straight or gay or lesbian and will only have sexual relationships with only one gender.

6. Some bisexuals will develop two primary relationships with both male and female at the same time. Only in this way can they feel like they are real bisexual people.

7. There are some bisexual men or women are just straight or gay/lesbian. The reason why they become bisexual is because they want to explore what it’s like to be one of them.

8. There are also some straight or gay/lesbian with sometimes find a partner of a different gender to only have a sexual relationship with.

9. Some straight or gay/lesbian know that they are what they identified to be, but will have a desire for having sex with another gender. However, some of them will never allow themselves to do it.

10. For some straight women, they may do whatever to please their male partner, including have sex with other women, which makes them bisexuals.

There may have more types of bisexuals, you just need to be you and live the life you desire for. By the way, if you want to find more bisexual partners, bisexual dating sites may be the best place for you to go.