Why Bisexual Is More Important Than Ever?

Bisexual means you like the same gender as you are and the opposite sex at the same time, or you will be attracted both by men and women, or you are just ordinary men and women who interested in that lifestyle. Most of them are women, and women are substantially more likely than men to identify as bisexual.

In the past, there were people who didn’t understand that how can a human develop romantic and sexual attraction toward both males and females. Even nowadays, they may not be accepted by others. But as the number of bisexual people increasing rapidly, the whole society will gradually admit their existence and accepts those people who live this lifestyle. We can say that bisexual is more important that ever.

The development of a lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) identity is a complex and difficult process, especially for bisexual. It seems like they are in a tougher situation than other groups. First, some people believe that there is no such a thing about bisexual, which is ridiculous. An experiment conducted by Archives of Sexual Behavior showed that those who claimed they are bisexual would get sexual excitement by the pornographic movies of lesbian, gay and bisexual, which means that they are not pretending who they are. Second, even if ones admit bisexuality, they regard it as a transitional identity. They think only those who are confused about their sexual orientation will identify themselves as bisexual. In a paper named Developmental Psychology composed by Lisa Diamond, she had a report of female who identified themselves as bisexual when they are young. Lisa observed them for a decade, and the result was that only 8% of them re-identify them as heterosexual or homosexual after ten years. It shows that it is not for the transition of sexual orientation. Third, some misunderstand them that bisexual people will not be loyal to their partner just because one sex cannot satisfy them, which is totally wrong. In the same report that Lisa released stated that about 90% bisexual people have a single partner for a decade. They just attract both to men and women, which doesn’t mean that they will look for date that is opposite to their current partner. Of course, there are people who love threesomes, a way to give them a better opportunity to explore their sexuality in the most natural way.

If you have viewed the details above, then you may get a better understanding about bisexual people. They are just normal people but with a different sexual preferences from others. Of course, our society has become more and more open, except for those who hold their view and don’t want to be changed by others. Bisexual people may experienced mental health problem in the past because of the social tensions and pressure from others, they are doing great today. They created their own community to get their identity from the society and get support from each other. So, gradually they don’t feel stressed to admit that they have sexual attractions to both men and women, which is the reason that the society has witnessed a rapidly increasing number of them. And the increasing number is the main reason why bisexual has become more important than ever. And there are more people realized that they haven’t viewed this group of people seriously.

One of the main sign to show bisexual people that they are important to society is the emergence of dating sites for bisexual, bi-curious singles and bi couples. This kind of dating sites may designed by people who are not bisexual but consider that it is important to offer a comfortable and convenient place for bisexual to find other open-minded singles and bi couples, or designed by bisexual people who wish more of their kind can find their soul mate in a place with so many singles who share the same lifestyle.

All in all, bisexual has become more important than ever and all bisexual people deserve a better and more friendly living environment and dating environment. If you are bisexual and want to meet more people who have the same sexual preference with you, or if you are bi-curious singles and want to find a way to see if you can live bisexual lifestyle, a dating site for bi singles and bi couples will be the best way for you to go.