Why Do Bisexual Men and Women Need A Bi Community

Although bisexuals have been accepted by most open-minded people in the society, they are also being misjudged by others. In the past, bisexual men and women would join a gay or lesbian community to help themselves find support. But it always ended with the fact that they all experienced high rates of being ignored, discriminated against by gay and lesbian community. That’s the main reason why bisexual men and women need a bi community of their own.

People may consider bisexuality as a period of people being confused about their feelings and sexual orientation and they will eventually decide which sex they are attracted to. These people just don’t believe that bisexual actually exists. In order to make themselves to be visible in the society, the minority of bisexual people come together as communities to support each other and make the world to see them rightly and clearly.

Don’t try to think that it is timeless and strange for people with no common bond other than their sexual orientation to come to a social group. Although they may come from different backgrounds and different cultures, at least they have something in common and they have something to share with each other, which is the purpose of a community. They need bisexual women and men who share the same sexual orientation with them to support them, they need to start bisexual dating with someone who share the same passion, they want to share their lives with someone who truly understand them and they want to take part in those bisexual events and activities to make others to have a right view to them.

Before forming communities, all bisexual singles would be pressured and would spend a lot of time wondering things that would happen after they reveal the reality to their family and friends. Would our families get socked and turn their back on us, would our friends leave us for the fact, would our workmates be uncooperative and show disrespect for us? After coming together as a community, they can discuss those things together, share stories with each other and learn to avoid wondering those boring issues alone.

The most important thing for them to get together is that bisexual women and men can celebrate and understand all the things that they have in common. They can see themselves as a normal person with a unique sexual orientation, which means they will finally understand that they are just attracted to more than one gender as they want others to know. Except for communities, bisexuals can also find like-minded friends on bisexual dating websites where they can also find other bisexual girls and guys for serious relationship.